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WSF addresses line-cutting, ferry traffic issues at Kingston Ferry Terminal

By: KIRO 7 News Staff

Officials with the Washington State Ferries are addressing traffic and line-cutting issues after several complaints at the Kingston Ferry Terminal. 

Washington State Ferries spokesman Ian Sterling said they are aware of the problems and have started looking at solutions.

“This has been a concern of people in Kingston for many, many years now. It’s not all about the ferry and it’s not all about the traffic,” Sterling said. 

WSF said it is working with the Washington State Patrol to help with holding up traffic.

“We carry about 50% more people in the summertime than the wintertime,” said Sterling.

As far as drivers cutting lines, Sterling told KIRO 7 it has led to people getting into fights. 

The fine is now $139. It has gone up a few dollars since last year. 

Sterling said WSF has long-term solutions that are being looked at such as rerouting traffic on State 104 so it doesn’t lock up the downtown core and an extra holding lot away from downtown Kingston. 

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