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If you stumbled across this page it means you are about to be bored to death. So I’ll make this quick.

I’m from Tacoma and went to college at Montana State University. My degrees were in staying warm and Film and Television Production. Yes, don’t laugh; I got a B.S. in it.

I started my TV career in 1989 at KSTW-TV as a teleprompter operator and receptionist. Imagine walking into a TV station and seeing my face? Scary. I got promoted to a Sports Reporter then to News Reporter ending as a Special Projects Reporter and Producer.

A few years later, I left my home town for WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Maryland. I spent seven years as an Investigative Reporter in Charm City. In 2001, I went to work for WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the same capacity. And in 2005, I got opportunity to return to the Northwest.

I’ve been married for 25 years to my wonderful wife Kim. Just a side note, if you really want something done, call her, not me. I have a daughter named Cydney. She is pretty and smart like her mother.

My mom, brother and sister all live in the South Sound. I’m a blessed man. I hope to make you and my family proud.

>> Email Jesse Jones here!