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Watch out for scams on Amazon’s Prime Day

By: KIRO 7 News Staff

Amazon’s annual Prime Day starts Monday with a 48-hour parade of deals, but the increased internet traffic is likely to attract scammers trying to steal shoppers’ personal information. 

Experts advise consumers to use additional caution over the next few days to ensure they don’t fall victim to a scam. 

Follow these tips below from CBS News to make sure you stay safe during the sale: 

  • Watch out for fake sites. Make sure to access Amazon directly from your browser rather than through an email or link, which could redirect you to fake sites made to look like Amazon. Turning on two-factor authentication will help you ensure the site is real. 
  • Fake coupons. Be aware of coupons promising discounts that seem too good to be true – clicking on them could direct you to a fake website. 
  • Email phising campaigns. Wired reported last week about a new phishing scam intended to target Amazon customers. Called 16Shop, it allows anyone to make an email that looks like it comes from a major company like Amazon, with a PDF attached that directs users to a page that asks for personal information such a birthday, home address and credit card numbers. Experts advise users to not click on any links unless you are sure they can be trusted. 

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