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VA beneficiaries may soon be permitted to visit civilian urgent care facilities


By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A big change is in the works for veterans when it comes to their VA benefits.

On June 6, some civilian urgent care facilities will be able to offer VA medical care, reported.

The change is due to an expansion of the Veterans Choice Act, called the VA’s Mission Act.

The original Choice Act was adopted in 2014 after complaints about veterans not being able to get appointments in a timely manner at VA hospitals. 

It was expanded last year by the VA’s Mission Act to allow veterans to get non-VA community care.

Now, patients who are VA-eligible can go to an urgent care facility for limited care, no matter how close they are to a VA facility, reported.

Click here to search for locations offering medical services to VA beneficiaries.

The benefit should be used for the treatment of minor injuries and minor illnesses like colds, sore throats and small skin infections.

Before seeking treatment from a civilian urgent care center, patients are being advised to reach out to a VA medical facility first, since only a handful of services and providers are part of the program. If a service or provider is not covered, then the costs will come out of pocket.

Beneficiaries are also directed to ask the clinic to make sure it is a participating location once they arrive, according to the VA.

There could be a co-pay needed depending on what VA Priority Group a veteran has been assigned to and how many visits have been made.

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