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Unjustified profiling at Pacific Place

Picture of Lauren Kostelecky and Marquis Johnson Lauren Kostelecky and Marquis Johnson consent to me contacting you regarding this issue. My daughter Lauren Kostelecky and her boyfriend Marquis Johnson, went to Pacific Place on Saturday Nov. 7, 2015 at approximately 5pm. They went into Coach and True Religion. At which time they noticed security was following them. As they walked out of the store, security approached them and asked them to leave the premises. When they asked why they had to leave they were simply told that security had had multiple complaints about them and that a possible crime had been committed. They would not however disclose what crime or what exactly they had complaints about. When they were on the escalator a woman asked them “did they tell you to leave?” They said yes, and she replied “they run black kids out of here all the time”. They then decided to go speak with the Security manager. When they knocked on the office door they were greeted with, “are you having trouble finding your car?” They asked what they did wrong, if they could see video of “the crime” with no information given. They simply were told you would need a subpoena for the video, and I knew you were not doing anything that’s why I let you shop a little longer. You can come back tomorrow, your not banned from the premises I would like you just to leave today. On Sunday Nov 8, 2015 I called and spoke with the Security guard who had dealt with them during this situation. His explanation was that, they did get many complaints in regards to them being the last ones in the store before merchandise went missing. And upon further investigation he felt that they were not doing nothing wrong. He then stated they were respectful and calm with all interactions with him, but that he was performing more “customer service” rather than security. Customer service for who? The stores who wrongly accused them? These two responsible 19 year olds, were unrightfully targeted and racially discriminated against. It is frustrating and I understand it happens all the time. Its not right and the stores should be educated in that. Could you please shed some light on this? Thank you, Autumn Kostelecky RN

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