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Travelers forgot thousands of dollars at Sea-Tac Airport last year

By: KIRO 7 News Staff

Travelers left $12,678.94 behind at security checkpoints at Sea-Tac Airport last year, according to a new report from the TSA. 

The TSA puts out an annual report that tracks the money travelers leave behind. In the fiscal year 2018, people left $960,105.49 in currency at airports nationwide. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport ranked first in the amount of unclaimed money, with a total of $72,392 forgotten at the airport. 

While agents try to reunite passengers with lost items, there are still instances when loose change and other belongings are forgotten and turned in to the TSA financial office. Congress gave the TSA authority in 2005 to use unclaimed funds to provide civil aviation security. 

The TSA plans to use the money to go toward checkpoint training requirements. 

Read the full report here

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