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This is the worst time of the year to buy an iPhone

Mike Timmermann,

If you believe the rumors, Apple will unveil not one, not two, but three new iPhones at its annual media event, which will be held Wednesday, September 12 in Cupertino, California.

But before you spend up to $1,000 on a new iPhone, money expert Clark Howard has a timely warning for you!

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Thinking about buying a new iPhone in September? Here’s why you should wait! 

Those who rush to pre-order or line up at an Apple store to get one of the new iPhones will pay the full retail price, but cell phone providers and retailers will offer discounts to those who wait.

Clark told his radio listeners that those discounts may begin a few short weeks after the devices first go on sale.

“If you’re willing to let the people who just gotta have the newest phone right then and there get theirs and you wait three weeks, you’ll likely find deals that they didn’t get,” Clark says.

Once the new phones are rolled out, expect swift price cuts for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

I looked back on’s reporting from last year’s announcement and recalled that older iPhone models became a better deal the same day of the media event.

Apple slashed the price of the iPhone 7 to $549 and a refurbished iPhone 6s to $369 on September 12, 2017.

Will Apple immediately discount the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X by $100 or even more? Keep an eye on Apple’s websiteover the next few days to find out.

Apple iPhone pricing 

Product Price (September 7, 2018) Price after September 12
Apple iPhone X, 256GB $1,149 ???
Apple iPhone X, 64GB $999 ???
Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 256GB $949 ???
Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB $799 ???
Apple iPhone 8, 256GB $849 ???
Apple iPhone 8, 64GB $699 ???
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 128 GB $769 ???
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 32GB $669 ???
Apple iPhone 7, 128GB $649 ???
Apple iPhone 7, 32GB $549 ???

In addition to being discounted, USA Today reports that older model phones sold through Apple’s website are upgraded with better software, features and sometimes even more storage.

Of course, you may still be able to get a better iPhone deal through cell phone carriers, retailers or private sellers.

The bottom line: If you can avoid the iPhone frenzy for at least a few weeks after the September 12 announcement, you’ll save money whether you’re buying a new model or an older one.

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