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Survey: Stay-at-home parents should earn $162K salary

By: Ann Smajstrla, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A new survey says the efforts of stay-at-home parents are worth a $162,581 annual salary.

Earlier this week, released a report detailing just how much the work of full-time parents would equate to in terms of real-world salaries. The report was done by selecting a handful of jobs that reflect a “day in the in the life of a Mom” and calculating the sum with the site’s Salary Wizard tool.

Some of the jobs considered in the analysis were: academic advisor, coach, dietitian, event planner, executive housekeeper, janitor, judge, psychologist, photographer, plumber and staff nurse.

The survey also took into account that most stay-at-home parents put in more than 90 hours of work per week, the report said.

From all the combined factors, analysts determined the medium annual salary of a stay-at-home parent in 2018 should be $162,581.00 — a nearly 5 percent increase since the site’s 2017 calculations.

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