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Scammers claiming to be from Sheriff’s Office say victims have outstanding warrants

By: KIRO 7 News Staff

RENTON, Wash. –  The King County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public after scam callers impersonating law enforcement told two people they had violations and needed to pay.

The victims said they received calls from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office who said they had outstanding warrants or had missed a court date.

The scammer asked both victims to send money, but they refused. They were then told to go to the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center in Renton and were even given the correct address and non-emergency phone number, officers said.

It’s unclear why they were sent to the actual facility.

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it doesn’t try to collect payments or threaten to make an arrest if a person refuses to pay.

Officials said anyone who receives such a call should hang up and report it to local police.

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