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Samsung to roll out security update after security threat accusations


Samsung has finally come forward with an official statement regarding accusations of a security flaw in the SwiftKey keyboard software on its Galaxy devices.  The company also announced it will roll out a security update in the next few days to address the potential issue.

Samsung says a very specific set of conditions must exist for a hacker to be able to take advantage of the flaw and as a result believes the chances of a successful attack are low.

The company says there have been no reports of Galaxy devices being compromised through the flaw as of June 15.  Despite this, it has agreed to roll out a security update.   In order to receive the security push, users must set their Samsung devices to automatically receive security policy updates.   To do this, go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Other Security Settings > Security policy updates, and activate the automatic updates option. Users can also manually check for updates on this screen.

Click here to read Samsung’s full statement.


Samsung advises users to make sure their devices automatically receive security policy updates, as it will be pushed to the user and require them to accept it.



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