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Moving? Jesse shows how to avoid extra TV fees

Sometimes when we’re hit with the unexpected, what we need most is understanding.  That’s all a Seattle woman wanted from her satellite company after a life-changing family event.  But the company wouldn’t budge – so she called me.

Sanaz Johnson and her husband were recently hit with a surprise that left them seeing double – almost literally.

“Unexpected; it was not planned!” exclaimed Johnson.  “I am pregnant, six months pregnant with twins.  We are expecting one boy and one girl.”

To make room for their growing family, the couple had to quickly get a larger apartment.  With all the changes, the last thing on their mind was their DirecTV account.  Since they were just a few months into a two-year contract, they thought they would just transfer their service to the new place.

“They always say in the marketing and advertising stuff, we move the service with you, wherever you go,” recalled Johnson.  “That was a peace of mind that we don’t have to be worried about it.”

What Johnson didn’t understand is that DirecTV can’t always transfer your service.  When renting, the landlord decides if you can install a satellite dish.  In the case of their new apartment,

“Management said we don’t have the dish and we don’t allow DirecTV for any of the residents,” said Johnson.

Johnson explained the urgency of the move to DirecTV but the company wasn’t willing to break its contract.

“There is [a] $400 charge for early termination of the service, which was very unexpected,” said Johnson.

So she got in touch with me and I contacted DirecTV.  The company decided to make an exception and agreed to let the couple out of their contract without penalty.

Before you decide where to move, ask if satellite is allowed in your new home.  If it’s not, remember that you’ve signed a contract and the satellite company can hold you responsible for the termination fee if you decide to cancel your service.

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