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Lake Tapps Residents Upset Over Postal Problems

Residents in one Pierce County neighborhood are having issues with their mail deliveries.

Laurel Tuttle has tried over and over to get her mail delivered on time, but for some reason the postal service can’t seem to get it done.

“I’m a very frustrated postal customer,” said Tuttle.

Tuttle of Lake Tapps has been making a fruitless and sometimes pointless walk each day to her empty mailbox.

You’re supposed to get your mail six days a week. Right? “And that’s all we want. One mail delivery six days a week. I don’t care if it comes by five o’clock, just so that it comes,” said Tuttle.

Someone from the US Postal Service isn’t dropping off Tuttle’s mail on a six-day schedule.

“But that hasn’t happened since, maybe, September,” said Tuttle

Diane Armitage lives just up the road, and is having the same problem.

“It seems to be skipping days. I’m thinking the post office must be busy, then the next day we get a pile of mail, then I think it must be from yesterday and today,” said Armitage.

Tuttle said mail delivery is important because many seniors get their prescriptions through the mail.

She had tried contacting anyone from the Postal Service who would listen.

“I made two visits to the post office. I typed claims to the internet,” said Tuttle.

And after that, still no changes. So, she called me and I contacted the Postal Service.

A spokesperson got right back to me and said in a statement. “We are addressing the matter with the customer.”

That’s all Laurel wants, but will the postal service deliver?

“I went through channels. And I don’t want to get anybody into trouble. I just want my mail. That’s all,” said Tuttle.

And after I spoke to Tuttle on Friday, a postmaster stopped by her home and told her what really happened.  It appears a substitute mail carrier was on the route. Tuttle said the she was told by the postmaster, that was unacceptable.

If you have a problem with your mail delivery, you can call us the postal service or stop by your local post office.

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