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Jesse tests CBD Products: Do they live up to the hype?

Since it became legal, CBD infused items can be found nearly everywhere.

But do the products live up to the promise?

KIRO 7’s Jesse Jones went shopping in stores all over the Seattle area and took the items to a lab to find out.

Sprig CEO and Co-founder, Michael Lewis provided the following quote and lab test results (7/9/19) from a recent production run.

“Sprig is committed to product quality and stringent control standards.  The company is working with multiple labs to help refine the process to ensure that each can of Sprig is as advertised,”  said Michael Lewis, CEO and Co-founder. “To that end, we’re happy to share these test reports from our most recent production.  In order to be transparent with our customers and distributors, we’re posting the certificates of analysis on our website”

CBD Living Water’s Chief Operating Officer sent this test result and sent the following statement:

CBD Living Water has worked for 5 years with there in house scientist to create a perfect, clear, odorless and tasteless CBD Water.

CBD Living Water testing is BY INPUT process, this testing process is utilized in the Dietary Supplement industry. In order to achieve our perfect CBD Water, we have to bring the CBD particle to less than 100 nano meters using our proprietary Nano Technology and creating a stable Nano CBD and Water emulsion. 

The current 3rd Party Laboratories are unable to successfully reverse the nano- emulsion process in our CBD Living Water in order to extract the 10mg of CBD. This extraction is most challenging especially since the Cannabinoid nano-droplets are present at 0.002% in a 16.9oz bottle, which is why the HPLC apparatus which the testing labs use for testing, does not detect any Cannabinoids.

To avoid any doubt, we utilize the BY INPUT testing process; 

1) Test the Raw material, (CBD) for quality and % ratio.

2) Once the Raw material (CBD) meets our standards we create our proprietary concentrate (CBD- a natural oil and Water) Nano emulsion. Utilizing our Nano technology, we reduce the CBD size to less than 100 Nano meters

3) We then test the finished emulsion confirming the milligrams need to be placed in a 16.9oz bottle of Water

4) Once testing meets our standards we add it the bulk water to be filled and packaged.

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