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Jesse Jones Steps in on Home Improvement Delays

A Puyallup woman paid tens of thousands of dollars for home improvements, after months, the work was still not done.

Deborah Meskell’s hired Home Depot for a remodel job.  In April, Deborah paid more than $40,000 for a new roof, windows and siding.

“When you’re looking for someone to coordinate your project, and to be there and take care of it, and we just wanted someone to take care of it for us. And that’s what we thought we were getting from Home Depot,” said Meskell

By May the roofing and windows were done. And then Meskell said everything stopped, “when it came to the siding, everything stopped.”

Home Depot didn’t apply for the permit until mid-June.  In early July, contractors dropped off the materials but didn’t show to do the work.

“So throughout the week, I was continuing to call saying I’m anxious, when are we going to start the siding project and I wasn’t getting calls back,” said Meskell.

She drove to Home Depot to get answers, and was told, “the team that was scheduled for your house is unable to do two story houses,” said Meskell.

After looking at Deborah’s case, I called Home Depot who jumped right on the situation.  In just a few days, the crews were back at work.

In a statement Home Depot said, “we never want a customer to be disappointed, but the weather and contractor capacity that hit this year was beyond our control, causing some unforeseen delays. With that in mind, we offered to remove the materials and/or cancel the job with a full refund,” said Stephen Holmes, Home Depot Spokesperson

Canceling the job was not an option for Meskell because she would have to start the process of hiring a contractor all over again.

My tip, get many bids for your work don’t just rely on big box stores. Also, Home Depot is a contractor and they hire subs. Ask who is working your job and check them out yourself.

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