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Jesse Jones Helps Frontier Customer Overcharged for Service


Bob Goodmark is frustrated after repeated problems with his service from Frontier Communications.

He got the Triple Play Plan that included cable, internet and phone with unlimited domestic calls.

But his first bill included lots of charges for those free calls. And so did his second bill.

“I need help with this, they are not responding or fixing their billing problem,” said Goodmark.

Goodmark had tried for months to get the bill corrected.

He’s not the only one experiencing a problem with Frontier, there is an entire Facebook page dedicated to the company’s complaints.

Goodmark turned Microsoft Excel to calculate what he believes he is truly owed.

“What I have basically done is built a spreadsheet,” said Goodmark.

After Goodmark contacted me, I emailed Frontier on August 25th. They got back to me in 10 minutes, saying they will investigate and work to resolve this matter promptly.

Four days later, I sat at Goodmark’s kitchen table hoping everything is fixed.  It took until September 5th before Goodmark got a call from the company.

In last week’s bill, it appears that everything is correct.

Frontier told us in a statement, “A Seattle area customer was billed in error for long distance service on his triple play. This is a unique situation, Frontier regrets the error and has refunded the charges.”

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