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Jesse Jones breaks down best ways for 12s to save on London game

Seahawks fans are gearing up to travel overseas.  This fall, the Hawks will take on the Oakland Raiders in London.  Some dedicated fans already have their travel plans taken care of.

“Once that said Seahawks {vs.} Raiders, we’re going, ‘Ok dates, dates, dates. October 14th? Boom, we’re there,’” Kristie Harrington and Bob Fettig said.

The couple got their airfare at around $600 per person.

“You can only imagine, with the hoards of 12s going over there, we are going to have a good time in London, period,” Fettig said.  “Regardless of if we go to the game or not.”

Jesse jumped online and found non-stop flights leaving October 10 and returning the 17th priced at about $630 bucks.

Hotels start at about $80 a night, and go up from there.

But remember, a decent hotel will run closer to $250 or $300 a night.

“The cheapest way to go there is not the best way to go there,” travel agent Yumiko Sato.

Sato, from Elizabeth Holmes Travel Agency, loves Britain down to her boots.

She said booking through a travel agency can save you more than money.

“The biggest difference is, if we book, we will be taking care of you throughout the trip so that if there’s any weather problems or mechanical problems and things have to be scheduled, we would be notified by the airline directly and we can contact you instead of you trying to call {yourself} and being on hold for two hours,” Sato said.

Let’s add up the cost.  Plane tickets for two people costs $1300.

Sato said a nice hotel for six nights will cost around $1500.

The tickets to last year’s London at Wembley Stadium game cost between $86 and $336, so we will go with $150 each.

And figure about $100 per person, per day for food and entertainment at minimum.

That adds up to $4500 dollars for the trip.

“I would really, really look at all of my options before I made a decision to deplete my savings to make this move,” financial advisor Becky House said.

House is the Education Director at American Financial Solutions, and advised travelers to avoid pulling money out of 401k or IRA accounts to see the game.

House said use your credit card for the protections it brings, but make sure you have a plan to pay it off.

“One of the big lessons is that, when something like this comes up, you want to be able to have that opportunity to partake in it, to get out there, and experience life and have fun. And this is why savings are so important.”

Another option from the folks at Elizabeth Holmes Travel: Take Icelandair to London on October 12 and return from Paris on October 17. That fare is $722.01.

Tickets for the Seahawks game go on sale next week.  You can register your interest for tickets ahead of time here.

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