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Jesse investigates abandoned boat blocking couple's driveway

A Federal Way couple discovered an abandoned boat blocking their driveway.

Facing a four-figure bill to have it removed, they called KIRO 7’s Jesse Jones for help.

The boat, full of junk, is the opposite of sunken treasure for 84-year-old Bill Gorslin.

In fact, whoever dumped the boat removed identifying plates, scraped off, then painted over registration numbers.

“Sloshed it all over the thing trying to disguise it,” Gorslin described.

Gorslin called King County, hoping it could remove the boat, but Gorslin was directed to the city of Federal Way since his address was within city limits.

“Then I got ahold of the Federal Way Police Department to see what they could do, {and} they couldn’t do anything,” Gorslin said.

That’s when Gorslin called Jesse.  Jesse made a visit to City Hall and met with Communications Coordinator Tyler Hemstreet, who said he had never heard of a situation quite like this.

Hemstreet said it all depends on where the boat was left.  If it was left in the street, the city would take care of it.

“But if it’s on your property, it’s your responsibility,” Hemstreet explained.

But Hemstreet did have some good news from the police chief.

“The chief came back with the towing company he said they were willing to help,” Hemstreet said.

And in a matter of hours, MV Towing pulled the boat from its unwelcome port and placed it in a junk yard.

Since all of the identifying information on the boat has been removed or destroyed, there’s little chance the police will find out who’s responsible for the vessel.

But the law is tough on folks. Both Federal Way and King County said if something is left on your property, you’ll have to pay to have it removed.

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