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Jesse helps couple struggling with used car runaround

Rust and mechanical issues – things you never want to hear when discussing your vehicle. For a Seattle couple that was reality just weeks after buying two trucks. When the dealer wouldn’t help them with a resolution, they called me to get things moving.

His and hers Chevy trucks — that’s what you’ll find at Wade Brough and Beth Waskom’s home. The couple bought the trucks from Northwest Motorsports. Brough paid $22,000 for his 2008 Silverado. Waskom spent $25,000 on a 2007 Silverado.

The problem is both trucks have safety issues. Waskom’s truck has transmission and steering problems.

Brough’s car was flaking like it had been sunburnt.

“We washed it, took it through a car wash, crawled underneath and the entire underside is completely rusted out,” explained Brough.

The couple tried to have Northwest Motorsports deal with their complaints for weeks, but nothing got done.

“We’ve called them multiple times. We kind of get the runaround,” said Waskom.

The couple called me, and I asked Jason Shackelford from Stingray Auto Repair to inspect the underside of Brough’s truck. He found the truck has bumper-to-bumper rust.

“That is a combination of undercoating and spray paint. Some of it is factory, but it looks like it’s been gone over, as you can see here, with some rubberized undercoating. When you peel it back, you can see the rust underneath it that’s been covered up,” explained Shackelford. “The rust concerns me on locations. It’s on the brake lines, it’s on the shocks, it’s on a lot of mounting points.”

Scott Wagner from the National Insurance Crime Bureau also checked out both trucks. He said Brough’s truck was a rental from British Columbia.

“This particular truck was in an area of Canada that is known for vehicles that rust out because of the salt that they use to melt the snow and so forth,” explained Wagner.

Waskom’s truck also has rust. She initially took it to a local Chevy dealer, which found that her brakes were metal-to-metal and the lower transmission cooler line leaks, as well as the power steering pump and pressure lines. An aftermarket lift used larger tires than stock, causing issues with steering.

I asked Wagner if he would drive either of these trucks.

“Absolutely not,” he exclaimed.

After gathering all the information, I called Northwest Motor Sports. In a statement the company said, “We inspect every vehicle prior to sale to insure that they comply with state standards. Upon inspection the 2007 Silverado did not meet the standards…”

As for Brough’s truck the business said,

“The 2008 Silverado had issues that should have been discovered: namely that the previous owner had applied an undercoating.”

To its credit, Northwest Motor Sports apologized and made the couple whole in just a day. It also took the trucks back, paid off their loans and got the couple a loaner.

“This pays off all of the money we put in, they squared the loan with the bank. We have all of our money back in our pockets. We’re back to square one; we can start looking for safe vehicles again,” said Brough.

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