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Internet security expert warns of Hurricane Florence-related donation sites

As Hurricane Florence approaches land, scammers aren’t wasting any time.

Internet security expert Tim Helming with DomainTools said hundreds of new Florence-related domains are popping up, just as people across the country get ready to donate to relief funds.

“These domains that have popped up so recently, there’s a lot of speculation and opportunism,” Helming said.

Helming warns everyone to be vigilant with these pop-up Florence related sites.  They could be used to scam kind-hearted people, hoping to help victims.

“Be wary of website names that specifically talk about this disaster,” Helming said.  “If you see something that is a Hurricane Florence charity, and that’s the name of the website, do a little digging around before you donate to it.”

Helming said there’s a way to find out when a website has been created.  Start by googling ‘who-is’. There, you’ll find plenty of companies that will allow consumers to search for the domain registry of websites.

“Scammers can easily set up a web domain,” Helming explained.  “They can easily make it look like a legitimate charity and they can set up a donate button and take your money. And you would probably never know.”

Helming said the best bet is to wait to give, and give to an organization your trust.

Learn more about WhoIs data here.

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