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Nonprofit serving homeless parents needs help to keep up with demand during Coronavirus outbreak

Inside a storage facility in Bellevue, there is a unit filled with what’s fast becoming like gold: diapers. Just waiting for volunteers to distribute them to families who find themselves suddenly in need.

As Executive Director of the non-profit group Babies of Homelessness, Brittan Stockert is the one in charge of getting families those supplies. And she’s hoping for help keeping up with that demand.

“Babies don’t stop pooping during emergencies. There’s a greater need for homeless families. They need us more than ever for basic needs,” says Stockert.

She says because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are asking for help.

“Everyday we are getting new calls from case managers and new agencies saying our means to get diapers have been completely cut off…we need your help.”

The group serves 3,000 families with more than 50 volunteers. Kim Vo is one of those parents being served. She just lost her job on Friday; she needs diapers today.

“It is really important right now because half us mothers out here, or fathers out here doesn’t have an income. We lost our jobs, half of us are homeless. We need them a lot,” says Vo.

Katellyne Baker is also a client.

“Especially with other communities struggling, they’re not able to give as much but to access diapers through Babies of Homelesness makes it possible for me to provide for my daughter,” says Baker.

Micheala Fagerlie used Babies of Homelessness for months. She now praises the group for helping her get through trying times.

“I’m just grateful. They are just amazing people,” says Fagerlie.

Brittan, director of the program, is now using just one driver and one volunteer to keep exposure down.

But know this: if there are people in need she will meet them where they are as fast as possible.

“We cut through all that B.S. We will meet the family wherever they’re at. If a mama needs diapers we will get it to her immediately, no questions asked,” says Stockert.

The group usually gets diapers, clothes and formula from public donations. But with store supplies dwindling and the importance of social distances, they’re hoping for cash donations to keep serving homeless families.

If you’d like to donate to Babies of Homelessness, click here.

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