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'Free Credit Freezes For All' takes effect Thursday, June 7th in WA

‘Free credit freezes for all’ goes into effect Thursday, June 7th for all Washingtonians.

The $10 dollar fee to protect your credit will disappear thanks to a law that was pushed by Jesse Jones.

State Senator Mark Mullet wrote Washington’s Free Credit Freeze law.   According to a recent study, the law will save Washingtonians upwards of $100 million dollars by no longer having to pay to freeze and unfreeze their credit.

“It’ll make it easier for people to protect their identity and keep their credit from getting stolen,” Mullet said.  “It’s a big deal.”

Jesse started pushing for a free credit freezes for all law after last year’s Equifax breach.  More than 145 million American’s had their personal information compromised in that incident.

Experts say a credit freeze is the best way to stop scammers from opening credit accounts in your name.  So, legislators began writing bills to end the fees to freeze and unfreeze consumers credit files.

Senator Mullet’s bill passed both state houses with vast majorities, and Governor Inslee quickly signed it into law in March.

Internet security expert Tim Helming with DomainTools said freezing your credit is a good idea.

“Go put a security freeze on your account with the three major credit bureaus,” Helming said.

Helming said you will have a password for each of the major credit bureaus and you will also get a PIN to freeze and unfreeze your account with each of the three major credit bureaus.  Helming also said it’s a good time to get a password manager to handle all of that important information.

“A lot of the password managers will store more than just passwords. like that code you get to unfreeze your account,” Helming said.  “You can save that in your password vault.”

Jesse contacted all three of the credit bureaus this week. He was told the bureaus will recognize Washington residents when they apply for a freeze, and they should not get charged at checkout.

To freeze your credit with Experian, click here.

To freeze your credit with Equifax, click here.

To freeze your credit with TransUnion, click here.

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