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Fines increasing for carpool lane violators starting Sunday

By: KIRO 7 News Staff

Fines are increasing starting Sunday for drivers caught violating high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) laws. 

Drivers caught without another passenger in the car while in an HOV lane will be fined $186. Subsequent violations within two years of the first violation result in a $336 fine. 

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If the driver is caught with a doll or dummy meant to appear as though there is another passenger in the car, an additional $200 fine will be levied. 

New signs will be posted along several state highways to remind drivers of the new fine amounts.

The Washington State Department of Transportation and State Patrol said carpool lane violations are one of the top complaints they receive.

State troopers said that last year, they pulled over 11,330 drivers for HOV lane violations. Of those, 428 were repeat offenders.

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