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Everett woman says Uber account hacked, used across country

An Everett woman said someone got into her Uber account and spent hundreds of dollars in just minutes from across the country.

“I just got a thing that said your Uber is a minute away,” Angelia Herman said.

When she received that notification, Herman was in the Seattle area.  The Uber ride was in Michigan.

That’s fine…But Angelia Herman was in Seattle–at work. And that Uber ride was in Michigan.

“I’m very directionally challenged, but not that directionally challenged,” Herman joked.

The ride was only $5, but the tip was $93.  When Herman tried to open the Uber app, she realized she had been locked out of her account.

“I got a notification that my password had changed, so it locked me out of getting into anything,” Herman explained.

The unknown rider kept taking Herman’s bank account for a ride.  In just 30 minutes, the rider spent $700.

“Immediately, I’m looking for numbers, for somebody I can contact and there’s nothing,” Herman said.

Herman said it took Uber ten hours to respond to her.

Jesse contacted Uber and a spokesman sent him a link to a similar page Herman used to contact the company.

The spokesperson provided no details about the case except to say Herman received a full refund.

But Herman wants to see better customer service in the future.

“As such a large company, why is your customer service that terrible?” Herman asked.

To contact Uber with questions or concerns, click here.

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