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Colorado rules workers can be fired for off-duty pot use

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for more than two years and today the state’s Supreme Court ruled it is legal for businesses to fire workers for off-duty pot use.  Details of the decision were posted on

A former employee of Dish Network who had a medical marijuana card and consumed marijuana while off-duty to control muscle spasms was fired in 2010, reports the Denver Post. He then challenged Dish and its policy, claiming because his use was legal under state law, he shouldn’t be fired.

But the firing was upheld in both trial court and the Colorado Court of Appeals before today’s 6-0 decision from the state Supremes.

While using medical marijuana is in compliance with Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Amendment, the justices had to consider whether it’s still lawful under the state’s Lawful Off-Duty Activities Statute. That term includes activities lawful under both state and federal law, the justices said.

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Read the Colorado Supreme Court decision here.

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