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AT&T announces wireless plan changes

Just one day after Verizon rolled out the changes its wireless plans, AT&T announced it too is shaking things up.  According to an AT&T spokesperson,

AT&T has updated its wireless data plans to give you a bit more data for a bit less money. Unsurprisingly, the benefits get juicier if you spend more — there’s 5GB more data if you spend $100 for 15GB, but the 5GB plan is just a dollar per gigabyte less than the previous $70/6GB one.

In total you’ll now spend $75 per month for 5GB including the access charge, compared to $70 with T-Mobile. That might stop some folks from straying to Legere’s flashy [T-Mobile] network, especially given AT&T’s overall superior coverage.

All of these changes can be confusing so I did some of the shopping.  You can check out that story here.  But as we’re seeing now, providers are quick to make changes in an effort to stay competitive to check with your provider before making any final decisions.

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