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Amazon says some customer names, emails exposed in ‘technical error'

By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Days before the busiest shopping season officially begins, officials with Amazon announced some of its customers had their names and emails exposed because of a “technical error.”

Amazon officials sent emails to those customers who were affected, CNBC reported. They then shared screenshots of those emails online.

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A.C. Junior@OfficialMisterC

Woke up to this email from Amazon. Cool…thanks for the technical error. “There is no need for you to change your password or take any other action.” Well @AmazonHelp I’m changing my password anyway.

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Amazon’s legit been sending out notices saying sorry we exposed your email address. Seems likely related to this… Besides the brevity, what’s giving people pause is they sign the email Why cap the “a” and why no https://? Strange

But some wondered if the email actually was from Amazon, since it did not provide a secure link — meaning the “s” was not included with “HTTP:” in the url — and advised that customers did not need to change their passwords, according to posts on Amazon’s Sellers Central forum.

The email assures customers that the issue has been fixed but did not disclose what exactly happened, The Verge reported.

The Verge contacted Amazon about the emails. A spokesperson said the site or systems were breached. Officials with the company didn’t say how many customers were affected.

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