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Amazon returns can be made to Kohl’s stores starting in July

Photo Credit: Inc. via Wikimedia Commons

By: Kelcie Willis, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Amazon is making returns easier by expanding its partnership with retailer Kohl’s.

The department store announced Tuesday that it will accept un-packaged Amazon returns for free starting in July.

Kohl’s originally started taking Amazon returns in 2017 at 100 stores in Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Chicago. The offer now extends to all of the store’s more than 1,150 locations in 48 states.

“Kohl’s will accept eligible Amazon items, without a box or label, and return them for customers for free, providing additional service and convenience to Amazon customers,” the store said in a news release.

According to Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass, the brick-and-mortar option for Amazon returns is part of the company’s effort to get people into their stores.

Amazon returns can be made to local Kohl’s stores regardless of the reason and whether or not the items are returned with shipping packaging. Kohl’s will pack and return the items to Amazon’s returns centers on customers’ behalf.

In addition to the return option, Kohl’s announced last month that it will be selling a small amount of Amazon merchandise at more than 200 locations, according to CNN.

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