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5 things to always buy at warehouse stores — and pricing hacks

Ever wonder what the best items are to buy at a warehouse club like Costco and Sam’s Club? Clark Howard at our sister station put together a list — and three tips to spot the best deals.


Kitchen Appliances – The list prices on those items tend to be much lower at warehouse stores.

Chicken – Costco sells 60 million rotisserie chickens each year – and at $4.99 each, it’s a fast and cheap dinner option.

Medicine – Warehouse pharmacies regularly beat prices found at grocery or drug stores.

Gift cards – Warehouse clubs tend to sell gift cards for 15 to 20 percent below face value.

Soda or alcohol – If you buy soda or alcohol in giant 32-packs, you’ll find they’re much cheaper per unit.

Secret warehouse club pricing hacks

  • At Sam’s Club, look for anything that ends in a penny — such as $19.91 or $4.41 — or anything marked with a “C” for clearance.
  • At Costco, look for anything that ends in 97 cents, which means it’s being sold below cost. Also, price tags with an asterisk mean an item will not be reordered. If you see the asterisk and there are a lot of the items in stock, wait until the price gets marked down to a 97 and then buy. (You’ll find most of the 97s and asterisks in the seasonal section — the back third of the middle of the store.)
  • BJ’s will clearly tell you on the label when they mark down.






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