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$44,000 prescription approved by insurance

We all know prescriptions can pricey but imagine a $44,000 nutritional supplement!  That’s what a CBS News employee found on an insurance claim submitted by his pharmacy for a prescribed nutritional supplement. According to, the employee got 180 capsules of a common antioxidant which can be found at any local nutrition store.

For the cost of a BMW convertible, he got 180 capsules of powdered resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grapes, available at any local nutrition store.

In fact, two bottles of another brand of resveratrol contain roughly the same amount as the $44,000 prescription, which raises an even more puzzling question: Why does the over-the-counter resveratrol cost just $157.38?

We wanted to ask Warner West Pharmacy in Los Angeles – the pharmacy that filled the prescription and submitted the claim – why theirs cost so much more, but they declined our repeated requests for an interview.

What’s the most expensive prescription you’ve ever had filled?

Click here for the full CBS story.

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