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Your coffee maker is probably full of harmful bacteria: Here’s how to clean it!


By Mike Timmermann,

When you think about the items in your home with the most germs, what comes to mind? Probably not your coffee maker, right?

How to clean your coffee maker

According to a study from NSF International, there’s a good reason to clean your coffee maker regularly! The study found a coffee maker reservoir had more germs than some bathroom items, such as the door knob and light switch.

And one CBS News investigation found bacteria, including E. coli, in some coffee machines tested.

Now, we don’t want to gross you out, but we do want to remind you about a cheap and easy way to clean your coffee maker, which you should do monthly.

3 steps to clean your coffee maker:

  1. Run coffee pot and filter basket through the dishwasher.
  2. Pour four cups of white vinegar into the machine and brew the solution using an empty filter.
  3. Run clear water through the system about three times.

If you don’t have any white vinegar, you could use lemon juice instead!

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