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Woman returns dead Christmas tree to Costco in January…and gets her money back!


Theo Thimou,

In the world of retail, Costco stands out for having one of the most generous return policies in the industry.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t believe the lengths some people go to exploit that policy.

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Some people will do anything for money!

Costco’s liberal return policy means you have the right to return practically anything you want at any time for any reason. The primary exception here is for electronics and major appliances. With those kind of purchases, you only have a 90-day return window with receipt.

Each year around this time, some customers engage in a post-holiday rite of passage: Returning their Christmas decorations to Costco so they can buy them again later in the year…and start the cycle all over again.

Meanwhile, the seasonal return craze isn’t limited to Christmas.

“Usually a few months after the Garden Center closes, people bring back plants that died,” a user named ManicHispanic85 who identifies as a Costco employee writes on Reddit. “Also right around September people love bringing back all their summer stuff, BBQs, bathing suits, pool gear, patio sets, etc.”

But this story might just take the cake…

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