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Woman disguised as Target employee, stole $40K in iPhones


A Target store in Alexandria, Virginia, is missing more than $40,000 worth of iPhones after police say a woman disguised herself as an employee and walked out the store with the devices, according to

The Fairfax County Police Department say the woman entered the store on March 15 wearing a black polo and khakis and was captured on the security camera. Reports say she then went into a back stock room, filled a box with the iPhones and exited the store.

Authorities say the woman is not believed to be a current or former employee but was familiar with store operations, employee hours and where the iPhones were kept.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fairfax County Police Department at 703-691-2131.

032717 Target Larceny Suspect 1     032717 Target Larceny Suspect 2

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