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Woman discovers Uber driver is voice of AOL’s ‘You’ve got mail’ message


By Brianna Chambers

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — A California woman who requested an Uber ride was surprised to learn that although she had never met her Uber driver before, she had heard him speak many times.

Brandee Barker, who was visiting Ohio to canvass for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was picked up by Elwood Edwards after requesting an Uber ride over the weekend, WGN-TV reported.

Edwards’ name isn’t particularly familiar and neither is his face. Most of his Uber riders don’t recognize him for his popular role in years past.

Edwards was the voice of  AOL’s popular “You’ve got mail” message alert.

During Barker’s ride, Edwards told Barker about his connection with the email system.

Barker asked Edwards to repeat the popular phrase, which she recorded on her phone.



According to WGN-TV, Edwards was paid $200 in the late 1980s to do voice-overs for Quantum Computer Services, the company for which his wife worked and which would later become AOL. The news station reported that Edwards’ wife overheard the company’s CEO saying that he wanted an automated voice to send alerts to email users and suggested her husband help.

In addition to the well-known “You’ve got mail” phrase, Edwards’ voice was also recorded for the “Welcome,” “Files done” and “Goodbye” messages.

Edwards, who is now retired, appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in 2015.

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