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Will Harvey’s havoc mean higher gas prices in the Northwest?


KIRO 7 Staff

Tropical Storm Harvey could create whiplash for the US gas market.

Nearly a third of the nation’s refining capacity sits along the Gulf Coast, and many of those refineries are shut down.

The national average for gas shot up four cents in the last week in one of the largest one-week surges this summer.

In addition, flooded roads are making it difficult for truckers to drive refined gas out of the Gulf region.

But it could be a while before an increase at the pump is seen in Seattle, if at all.

Last week, AAA told KIRO 7 the majority of Western Washington’s gas supply comes from West Coast refineries.

“It really depends on the damage that refineries actually have in the area and we haven’t received reports yet. Houston is still underwater and we are still waiting to hear from refineries how much damage, if any, has been caused by the storm,” said Tamra Johnson with AAA.

Higher gas prices often translate into higher prices for food, airline tickets and goods that need to be transported by truck.

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