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Which Thanksgiving foods are safe to feed your dog?


It’s hard to resist sad puppy-dog eyes that beg for food at the dinner table.

This Thanksgiving, four-legged furry friends are sure to search for dropped crumbs and relatives who are willing to spare a scoop of potatoes or a piece of turkey, among other items.

But according to Dog Vacay, only certain foods are safe for your pup to consume.

These foods are OK for your dog to eat: 

  • Cranberry sauce
  • Raw vegetables
  • Mashed potatoes without butter and sour cream (dairy products upset dogs’ stomachs)
  • Plain pumpkin

The following foods should not be fed to your pooch:

  • Onions: Onions can cause anemia. Also avoid garlic, leeks, shallots and stuffing altogether.
  • Dinner rolls: Yeast can cause your dog to have uncomfortable gas.
  • Desserts: In large enough amounts, chocolate can kill a canine. Other sweets have too much sugar and can lead to weight gain and diabetes.
  • Turkey: It’s OK to feed Fido small pieces of unseasoned meat. But turkey skin is risky because its high fat content can cause pancreatitis for your pooch. Turkey bones can splinter and cause dangerous punctures or blockages inside dogs’ stomachs.
  • Alcohol

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