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Washington Attorney General Expands Lawsuit Against Comcast


If you are a Comcast customer listen up.  Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson said you may be paying for a service you didn’t ask for.

Ferguson sued Comcast last year for its Service Protection Plan and now he’s making claims that the company deleted evidence.

Ferguson is amending his $100 million lawsuit against Comcast. He said the cable giant is signing up customers for the $6 service plan without their consent.

“It’s shocking, Jesse, you and I see misconduct all of the time.  But on a scale this one is especially bad,” said Ferguson.

The service plan protects customers from paying the company for most service calls.  Ferguson also claimed Comcast deleted recordings of customer calls during its investigation.

“What we know is that Comcast has acknowledged it had deleted tens-of-thousands of calls after we began our investigation, after they had an obligation to preserve those records. That’s a fact. They deleted those tens-of-thousands of calls,” said Ferguson.

In response, Marianne Bichsel, a Comcast Vice President said-

“We strongly disagree with the Attorney General’s new claims. The Service Protection Plan gives those consumers who choose to purchase it great value by covering virtually all service charges over 99% of the time. The Attorney General’s new assertions are largely based on a flawed methodology and assumptions, and today’s press conference misrepresented the facts.”

Ferguson said Comcast call center employees were paid up to $5 for each person they signed up for the plan.  In total, Ferguson said Washingtonians spent $73 million on these plans from 2011 to 2015.

“We encourage Washingtonians to look at their Comcast bill and look for words like Service Protection Plan $5.99,” said Ferguson. “But if they look at that and say, what the heck is that and why is it on my bill, they should contact our office and they should reach out to Comcast and say they don’t want it and they never wanted it.”

A Comcast representative tells me, the service plan is not connected to a contract and the payments are month-to-month.  I was told if customers call, the company will stop the charge. If you believe you did not order the service, Comcast said it is willing to work with customers on refunds.

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