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Warning: Your iPhone has a security flaw you need to know about


Mike Timmermann,

If you have an iPhone, you need to be aware of a simple way for anyone to make calls and send messages from your device — even if your phone is locked!

How someone can access your iPhone when it’s locked

Cosmopolitan UK recently reported that someone can use Siri from lock mode to call your contacts, send text messages and perhaps even update your Facebook status.

One of my colleagues allowed me, an Android user, to test this hack using her iPhone. After a few attempts, I was able to get Siri to make a call and send a text to one of her contacts.

We were unable, however, to get Siri to post to Facebook from the lock screen — but only because she hadn’t synced her Facebook account with her phone yet.

If you’re concerned about someone being able to use Siri to make calls and send messages from your locked iPhone, turn off the “Access on Lock Screen” option under Siri in your Settings menu.

This will prevent you, or anyone else, from using Siri when your phone is locked.

Here's how anyone can make calls, send texts from your locked iPhone

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