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Warning: Study finds some protein powders contain BPA and toxic metals


Mike Timmermann,

Many Americans use protein powders to help reach their fitness goals, but a new study found there’s more to these products than what’s on the label.

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New study finds toxins in popular protein powders

A report by the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit organization, concluded that many popular protein powders include toxic chemicals. Lead, cadmium and BPA were detected in the majority of products tested.

These toxins have been linked to various health effects such as cancer, reproductive issues and brain damage.

Clean Label Project
Clean Label Project
Clean Label Project
Clean Label Project

Products that had egg as a protein source were overall cleaner than those with a plant-based protein source, the study found. Also, organic protein powders had more heavy metals compared to non-organic products tested.

Here are the top five and bottom five protein powders when it comes to purity of ingredients, according to the Clean Label Project:

Get a closer look at the product ratings for other brands on the Clean Label Project’s website.

Consumer Reports conducted a study of protein powders back in 2010 that also found arsenic, cadmium, lead and/or mercury in all of the 15 products it tested.

Its experts say these dietary supplements aren’t necessary for most people who get enough protein from the foods they eat.

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