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Want a tiny house for next to nothing?


by: Jennifer Brett, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If you’re interested in a tiny home and have a tiny budget, this might be a giant opportunity for you.

A bankruptcy auction in Alabama has more than two dozen dwellings in various states of completion up for grabs.

The lots are up for bid online through April 4. Other items are available as well, including assorted tools and building materials, along with refrigerators, stoves, washer/dryer units and other appliances (presumably, they’re the size that would fit a tiny home, but check the catalogue listing for specifics).

Now of course there are lots of caveats. The lots are sold as-is with no warranty and no guarantee. The homes, as noted, are in “various states of completion,” mean some are 70 to 85 percent done and some are basically just-started framework.

The just-started homes are going for next to nothing – as little as $425 for a framed-up model to $4,100 for one that’s much further along.

If you enter a bid, that’s a legally binding action. No retracting bids once they’re made. You can pay with cash, a wire transfer or certified check – that’s it – and payment must be made by April 7. You need to come get your new castle after April 11.

It is happening at the now-bankrupt Lil’ Lodges of Alabama in Bear Creek.

All details are here on the Pearce & Associates web site.

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