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Walmart’s free 2-day shipping: 5 things you need to know


Mike Timmermann

In a move to compete with Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, Walmart is now offering free two-day shipping on more than two million items — without a membership fee.

he retailer has also dropped the minimum purchase amount required for free shipping to your home to $35, down from $50. There is no price threshold if you want to have items shipped to a Walmart store.

“Walmart’s free two-day shipping will be available on the items customers shop the most, including household essentials such as baby necessities, pet products, food, like cereal and peanut butter, cleaning supplies and beauty favorites, as well as top electronics and toys,” Walmart said in a news release.

With this change, Walmart is dropping its $49 annual ShippingPass program, which was like a cheaper version of Amazon Prime. ShippingPass subscribers should receive refunds within 30 days.

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