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Walmart to add boy doll to popular toy line


By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

American Girls dolls are just that, girls. And many other less-expensive options for vinyl dolls don’t have boys in their product lines, until now.

Walmart is taking the lead and is adding boy dolls to its line of toys called “My Life As.”

Two boy versions of what was stereo-typically considered a girl’s toy, will soon hit the shelves.

But they’re available for preorder now.

There are two versions, each costing $27.97, an 18-inch African American Schoolboy doll and an 18-inch Caucasian Schoolboy Doll.

They ship on Aug. 10.

And while the boy dolls are available, accessories are still primarily purple, pink and dresses for the girl dolls on the line.

The idea of having a doll for boys isn’t new, even if they’re not readily available at your local big box store.

Last year one mother, who couldn’t find a boy version of the coveted American Girl doll for her son, took matters and scissors into her own hands, “The Today Show” reported.

Gina DeMillo Wagner went to eBay to find a girl doll with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She found one that, despite the long locks and pink lipstick, looked like her son.

Twenty-five dollars later, she had the doll. DeMillo Wagner then went to work using acetone to remove the lipstick and blush and scissors to cut the hair and lashes, essentially creating a toy version of her son.

DeMillo Wagner’s son named his new toy “Fred Jones.”

Read more on DeMillo Wagner’s blog on what doll brand she used and other tips for making an “American Boys” doll.


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