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Walmart pulls “suicide scar” halloween makeup kit


Several retailers have pulled Halloween costumes and decorations off the shelves after backlash from customers.

Customers have complained that some costumes in retail stores are too dangerous, too scary or too offensive.

Walmart is now joining the ranks of those retailers by removing a “suicide scar” costume makeup kit, according to

WABC in New York reports that the “Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound Latex Costume Makeup” kit was pulled from website after health advocates called the costume insensitive to mental illness and not taking self-harm seriously.

Walmart says the item was listed by a third-party and that it violates the company’s items policy.

Before the item was pulled, a petition was started by consumers expressing their concerns and outrage.

“Strong enough words do not exist to describe how horribly wrong this is,” one person posted on the petition, which has since been taken down.

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