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Verizon is making a major change to its unlimited data plan


Mike Timmermann,

After surprising customers with a new unlimited data plan in February, Verizon is making some tweaks.

A Verizon representative confirmed to via Facebook Messenger that new unlimited plans will start August 23, but existing customers can keep their current plan.

The introductory plan that’s going away soon is $80 per month for a single line before taxes and fees.

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Verizon Wireless tweaks unlimited data plan

The Verge reports that the three new plans, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Business Unlimited, all have fine print — including limits and restrictions around video streaming.

Here are the details for the two consumer plans, according to The Verge:

Go Unlimited

  • 1 – $75/line per month
  • 2 – $65/line per month
  • 3 – $50/line per month
  • 4+ – $40/line per month

USA Today reports that this plan limits video streams to standard definition quality and features unlimited mobile hotspot data at non-4G LTE speeds.

Beyond Unlimited

  • 1 – $85/line per month
  • 2 – $80/line per month
  • 3 – $60/line per month
  • 4+ – $50/line per month

USA Today reports that this plan allows for HD video streaming (capped at a 720p resolution for phones, 1080p resolution for tablets), 15GB of mobile hotspot at 4G LTE speeds and calling, texting and data in Mexico and Canada.

During periods of network congestion, Beyond Unlimited users will get priority over Go Unlimited users.

Again, if you signed up for Verizon’s unlimited plan during the introductory period, you don’t need to switch and you can get an extra 5GB of mobile hotspot data at no extra charge, The Verge reported.

You can read more about these new plans on Verizon’s website when they go live on August 23.

Although Verizon has once again been ranked the #1 wireless network by RootMetrics, it’s far from the best deal. For example, Sprint’s latest unlimited offer is five lines for $100.

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