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Use this packing trick to avoid a checked bag fee


Mike Timmermann 

Think you can’t travel with just a carry-on bag? Then this unusual packing technique is just for you!

How to pack your carry-on to avoid a checked bag fee

Even though the major airlines have been charging to check bags for years – Southwest excluded – it can still hurt to pay $25 a bag or more.

What if you could avoid that fee by packing a week’s worth of clothing into a tiny bag?

In the YouTube video below, Ben Popken explains how a technique called “bundle wrapping” can fit more clothes into your bag – and they won’t even get wrinkled!



By the way, you should know that airlines are really getting strict when it comes to enforcing carry-on bag rules, so check with your airline to verify the size limit.

To avoid the fees, Clark bought this little carry-on bag at Costco ($29) that fits under his seat.

Use this packing trick to avoid a checked bag fee

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