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URGENT: Last day to file claim; consumers can get cash back after LCD settlement


Attorney General Bob Ferguson has announced details on how consumers can claim their share of a settlement against LCD manufacturers accused of price-fixing.

Last May, the AG recovered $63M from nine LCD manufacturers.  The companies are accused of a price-fixing conspiracy from 1998-2006 that caused consumers worldwide to overpay for electronics with LCD screens.  It’s believed the scheme drove up the price as much as 20% for some items. Tonight at 5:30pm, Jesse explains what products are involved in the settlement and how to get your cash back.

Washington consumers and businesses that bought televisions, monitors, notebook computers, color-screen cell phones, or color-screen iPods that contained a flat panel screen may be eligible for a refund. Eligible consumers include those who:

  • Purchased an LCD flat panel product between Jan. 1, 1998 and Dec. 1, 2006;
  • Resided or had headquarters in Washington at the time of purchase;
  • Purchased the LCD flat panel product from a retailer or someone other than the manufacturer of the component screen; and
  • Purchased the LCD flat panel product for their own use and not for resale.

BEWARE – –  a third-party agent, Financial Recovery Services, has set up a website to file claims on behalf of consumers but it will charge one-third of the recovery money to do so. Instead, you can file your own claim FOR FREE at the official government or by calling 1-866-778-9468. The deadline to submit a claim is September 30, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Consumers are not required to submit documentation when they file a claim. However, they may be asked to verify their claim during the claims audit process, especially for claims involving a significant number of purchases. This will happen later in the process, and not at the initial filing.

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