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Unlocking mobile phones is now easier


Ditching your old phone used to be difficult because the buyer had to be with the same mobile carrier.  But new standards have made unlocking your phone easier.

According to, the mobile phone industry has recently started enforcing voluntarily unlocking standards which makes unlocking phones easier.

However, there can still be some issues that make it difficult – if you’ve had the phone replaced by a manufacturer warranty or if the device was reported lost or stolen.

You can avoid issues by asking the original buyer to unlock the phone and request the e-mail and any other notifications from the carrier stating that the phone had been unlocked.

Here’s a list of carriers providing the company’s unlock phone policy, according to


Visit the company’s Device Unlock page and provide your information, the original owner information, along with IMEI. The account must have been activated at least 60 days and no payments are pass due.


The phone has to be paid in full and have been activated for at least 50 days. Prepaid Sprint devices are not eligible for unlocking.


With this company, if you have only one device and it’s an Android needed to be unlocked, you can use an app. But, anyone else must contact the un-carrier and the phone must be activated for at least 40 days.


Verizon devices are sold without a lock, which would prevent you from taking it to a different carrier, but you must complete the full term of your contract. You can call to receive the unlock code after 12 months by calling 888-264-6804.

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