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Traveling for spring break? Watch out for this airport scam


by: Justin Wilfon,

ATLANTA – A scam artist may be at work at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Beth Kiggins said she started talking to a man outside the domestic terminal last week.

“I think he was a professional scam artist. Just trying to prey on unsuspecting visitors in Atlanta,” she said.

She said he claimed to be in the military and needed $80 to afford a flight home for his father’s funeral.

“I have a soft spot for these men and women who serve our country, so I was willing to go to the gate and pay the $80, but for some reason he insisted that he had to have cash,” Kiggins said.

She wouldn’t give him the cash and the man walked away.

Airport spokesperson Reese McCranie said Kiggins isn’t the first person to encounter an airport scammer.

“Similar incidents like this have actually happened. Our investigative team at the airport are mindful things like this can happen anywhere,” he said.

With the spring break travel season in full swing, 84,000 people are expected to go through the airport on Friday, the busiest travel day.

“If you’re a passenger and you feel like you’re being scammed, let the police know about it,” McCranie said.

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