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Travel alert: Alaska Airlines to introduce a cheaper ticket option in 2018


Mike Timmermann,

Alaska Airlines is responding to basic economy fares from Delta, American and United by offering a cheaper fare of its own.

During a recent earnings call, Alaska Airlines executives announced that the company will introduce a new option called the “Saver Fare” starting this fall.

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Alaska Airlines to unveil new ‘Saver Fare’ to compete with basic economy  

These fares will be cheaper than an economy ticket, but there are additional restrictions:

  • Seats assigned at the rear of the plane
  • Guests are last to board
  • Upgrades not permitted
  • Tickets can’t be changed or canceled

Alaska Airlines executives didn’t mention any carry-on bag restrictions. That’s one of the key complaints from passengers who book basic economy tickets with the full-fare airlines.

Alaska says the new fare is expected to produce $100 million in revenues next year.

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