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Top 3 ways to rebook your flight when weather threatens your travel plans


Over the past couple of days, thousands of flights have been canceled nationwide because of a snow storm hitting the east coast.

It could take days for everyone to reach their destination, but some travelers are lucky to get a head start in rebooking their flights.

Here are the top 3 ways to rebook your flight due to inclement weather, according to CBS News:

Travel Wavier

Some airlines will email travel waivers to help passengers move their flights a day later after the snow storm hits, free of charge. The airlines let passengers rebook their flights before or after a storm to avoid having travelers stranded at airports.

Social Media

Airlines will allow flight changes to be made online and through social media websites such as Twitter. By using Twitter’s direct messenger, flight agents can send a message to passengers when their flight-change request has been processed.

International phone lines

One challenge of using a waiver is getting through to a phone operator. Experts say if phones are really busy, call the international phone lines of these airlines. International phone lines have English-speaking agents and the wait time of rebooking your flight may be less than the using the U.S. phone lines.

Also, most consumers believe that by purchasing travelers insurance, they are covered for all issues related to their flight. It’s important for passengers to read the travelers’ insurance coverage before booking a flight.

This report contains information from CBS News.

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