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Too many Americans aren’t using vacation time; when they do, they still work


by: Najja Parker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Summer vacation season is approaching, which means it’s time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. But, according to a new study, not only do too many Americans skip vacations, they tend to work during time off, too.

Glassdoor surveyed more than 2,200 people on how they spend their time off. The online job and recruiting site found that two out of three Americans work while on vacation. Researchers also discovered that the average employee only takes about half of their eligible time off.

About 14 percent of respondents admitted that a family member complained when they were caught working on their laptop. However, employees aren’t always to blame. About 29 percent revealed that they were contacted by a boss and co-worker while on vacation.

“We are seeing a push and pull situation when it comes to employees taking vacation and paid time off, in which people attempt to step away from the office for a break from work, but technology is keeping them connected with the swipe of a finger,” said Carmel Galvin, Glassdoor chief human resources officer.

Glassdoor offered some advice to help professionals completely unplug while away.

Employees should submit their PTO as soon as possible, and create a back-up plan with a manager to delegate responsibilities. The website also recommended workers set up an “out of office” email reply, and “ensure your back-up person is primed for success.”

Learn more about the research here.


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